Owl’s Nest BBQ Supply and Pro Shop is the Chattanooga area’s retailer of Green Mountain Grills. We stock the Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie. Great BBQ without the constant monitoring of a smoker. Plus, we have all of the accessories to match your GMG. Call us for your price on a great smoker – a Green Mountain Grill.

  • The Old Country BBQ Pits Charcoal Grill fills the need to sometimes get back to basic grilling. Remember gilling steaks and hamburgers over a charcoal fire without any temperature control or electronic probe wires? I remember, too, and there are times I want to get back to that method. The Old Country BBQ Pits Charcoal Grill will take you back to those times at a price that doesn't break the bank account.
  • Grilling steaks and burgers on the go? The Old Country BBQ Pits Table Top charcoal grill is the grill for you. Heavy duty to last a lifetime, but light enough for Mom to move. The Table Top Charcoal Grill will make you the centerpiece of the tailgate party.

    $399.00 to $599 plus special pricing
    No other smoker on the market today gives you more smoke flavor and perfect BBQ than The Pit Barrel Cooker. The Classic Pit Barrel and the huge Pit Barrel PBX are smoking vessels that are affordable, easy, and fun to use. You can hang meat inside the barrel or smoke it on the rack. Either way, everything you need is included with your purchase. This is the first smoker we sold here at Owls Nest BBQ Supply and it's still a favorite today. Plus, a great selection of accessories are available for your Pit Barrel. Join the BarrelNation and see what perfect BBQ tastes like
  • So, you want to start your journey of "Live Fire Cooking." I wish this was available when I started out. The Badger Barrel is made by the company that makes The Pit Barrel Cooker. But, the Badger Barrel cooks as good at a fraction of the cost of any smoker. Hang your food over the fire or smoke it on the rack. Plus, it's portable and has an added grill function that makes this the ultimate tailgating grill. Everything you need is included in the Badger Barrel box. All at a price anyone can afford.
  • The Franklin BBQ Pit designed and crafted by Texas pitmaster Aaron Franklin. Franklin's BBQ Restaurant in Austin, TX. is legendary for the best brisket in Texas. All of Aaron's pits at his restaurant were handcrafted by the pitmaster himself. Now, he's taken his skill and downsized his pits for backyard pitmasters like us. Aaron took years of development, trial and error plus thousands of practice cooks to come up with The Franklin BBQ Pit. This pit weighs 625 pounds and is heirloom quality. You'll teach your sons and daughters, they'll teach their children and a tradition will be born out of one BBQ vessel - The Franklin BBQ Pit.
  • The new WIFI enabled Daniel Boone Prime Plus comes with 458 sq. in. of grill space and a 13.5 in. tall lid. to handle feeding the whole family. The WIFI connectivity allows you to start up, control heat, and monitor your temps from anywhere.
  • The WIFI enabled Davy Crockett Prime is the smallest grill in the collection with 219 sq. in. of cooking area. This is a perfect tailgate with the same 12v as our big grills you can plug it into your car's biggest lighter or hook directly to a battery.  The WIFI connectivity allows you to start up, control heat, and monitor your temps from anywhere.
  • The WIFI enabled Jim Bowie Prime Plus is larger than the Daniel Boone. The Jim Bowie has the same 13.5 in. tall lid but comes with 658 sq. in of grill space to feed the family but also handle larger cooks.  The WIFI connectivity allows you to start up, control heat, and monitor your temps from anywhere.
  • The Old Country BBQ Pits G2 Offset Smoker. Built of solid steel that delivers even heat and smoke never seen in a backyard smoker. Two shelves, three thermometer ports (use all three or just one, your choice). HD casters that turn and added handle to the smoke collector that makes moving this smoker easy for one person. Tradition plus modern technology make the G2 the offset smoker for you.
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