Owls Nest BBQ Supply opened in 2018 with a few lines of rubs and couple of sauce selections. Over the years we’ve added more and more products including, grills, smokers and accessories. We added Pit Barrel Cookers, Green Mountain Grills, Franklin BBQ Pits, Old Country BBQ Pits and our newest addition, the affordable Badger Barrel. All the products we stock are by BBQ professionals that know flavor, fire and technique. No place can have everything, but we like to think we’re pretty close here at Owls Nest BBQ Supply.

Ask us anything about your BBQ – advice is always free. We have a motto here and we always adhere to it: “Cook Out Loud”

We have the best selection or hardwood pellets for all makes of Pellet Grills. Plus B&B Charcoal products including wood chunks and wood chips for all you Komado and traditional grill owners. And don’t forget the charcoal and lump charcoal. No matter what you cook on, we support you. Like we always say here at Owls Nest BBQ Supply: “There’s all kinds of ways to get to Chicago.”

Owls Nest BBQ mission statement:

“Providing the best products and advice to make your BBQ Food the best it can be.”

Our Mission

Our Mission

BBQ is not a food ­– it’s a method. It’s all about slowly cooking meat at low temperatures. You can cook BBQ in a $15,000 Myron Mixon water cooker or a $17 discount-store crock pot.

If it’s meat … cooked slowly … at low temperature … it’s BBQ.

When you come to Owl’s Nest BBQ Supply & Pro Shop, you can expect knowledgeable service, a great selection of products, and at least one recipe for what you want to BBQ.

Our Vision

Our Vision

I want you to be successful cooking pork butt, brisket, chicken, ribs and any other protein you’d like to try. We’ll always have the flavors you need, the selection you demand, and the knowledge to help you succeed.

I want to be the place …

Where Chattanooga Comes to BBQ.

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