It was a Sunday in February 2014, raining with a heavy mist hanging low here in the Snow Hill Valley of Ooltewah, TN.

I plopped into the recliner, grabbed the remote and began to run through the endless channels.

And then it appeared – a BBQ Pitmasters season 1 marathon. Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone, Johnny Trigg, Leanne Whippen, Harry Soo, Jamie Geer, the rookie. A unique cast of characters talking smack, smoking meat and competing for “cold hard cash” at BBQ contests. And that’s the story of BBQ.

I didn’t know BBQ contests even existed, but I couldn’t stop watching.

And that’s how this BBQ journey began. I formed a BBQ competition team, Owl’s Nest BBQ. We bought a smoker, we practiced, and then … we cooked a contest.

And my life was changed.

Since that rainy Sunday, my free time has centered around BBQ contests and learning all I could about slow-cooking meat. I love turning a poor cut of meat into a succulent meal.

As talent grew, others joined in and wanted advice. I gave advice and talked about BBQ with whoever would listen.

Then one day I called David Bouska, 2-time world champion BBQ pitmaster, and asked if he would supply me with rubs and sauces so I could sell them to customers at my service station.

And the rest of the story is history.

The corner of the sales room has expanded to the full-service BBQ store called Owl’s Nest BBQ Supply & Pro Shop. We’ve added more rubs, sauces, supplies. This year, the full line of Green Mountain Grills hit the store. And, more items are planned for 2021.

So this is us.

Owl’s Nest BBQ Supply & Pro Shop.

Where Chattanooga Comes to BBQ.

Our Mission

Our Mission

BBQ is not a food ­– it’s a method. It’s all about slowly cooking meat at low temperatures. You can cook BBQ in a $15,000 Myron Mixon water cooker or a $17 discount-store crock pot.

If it’s meat … cooked slowly … at low temperature … it’s BBQ.

When you come to Owl’s Nest BBQ Supply & Pro Shop, you can expect knowledgeable service, a great selection of products, and at least one recipe for what you want to BBQ.

Our Vision

Our Vision

I want you to be successful cooking pork butt, brisket, chicken, ribs and any other protein you’d like to try. We’ll always have the flavors you need, the selection you demand, and the knowledge to help you succeed.

I want to be the place …

Where Chattanooga Comes to BBQ.

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